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How it Works

All of us, once in a while, end up with Auntie’s Starbucks gift card or your in-law’s Kohl’s gift card that you never intend to use or the closest location is an hour away! We allow you to just simply swap those gift cards for cash values up to 95% of the balance on the gift card.

What a lot of companies don’t tell you is that the balance on some of your gift cards expire. That’s a marketing ploy they use so that each year thousands (if not millions) of dollars in gift cards expire. It’s happened to many times and it can easily happen to you, so the best solution is just to trade them in before they do expire.

We Make Selling Gift Cards Easy

Don’t think it’s a long and complicated process where you need to go to the post office, ship us a card and wait for our reply. If your gift card has a code, you can send us the code electronically. One of our trained employees knows exactly what to do once you send us a code, and you can pretty much instantly receive your payment in whatever desired form you choose (whether a check to your mailing address or a payment to your PayPal account).

If you have a brand new gift card and don’t want to scratch out the code, that’s perfectly fine as well. We will e-mail you a fully prepaid USPS shipping label that you can take to your local post office and have it shipped to us – for FREE. Once we receive it (and all labels include free tracking so you’ll know exactly when we get it!), we will send your payment whatever way you requested.

What We Do

We got into this business because we’ve noticed just how high all other gift-card purchasing companies had their fees set. Not only have I heard stories, but I’ve witnessed myself the so-called “giant” businesses offering people $40 for gift cards that had a $100 balance. We believe that is an abuse of a customer who may need the cash and might not have any other choice. We came in and offered record-high percentages for just about every company. Since then, others have tried to match us, but there are constantly problems with the transactions, leaving us the most reliable.

Let us help you to get top dollar for every gift card you have, regardless of its current balance or where it is to. We can then resell this gift card to another customers, who is interested in using it and happy to pay a great price for it. Of course, you don’t have to wait around for the card to sell. We’ll handle all of that ourselves!

Contact Us

If you are ready to sell your gift cards, or you have any questions about the process, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us right away. One of our friendly customer service professionals will be more than happy to talk with you and help get everything set up today. We look forward to speaking with you soon!