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If you’re ready to sell your gift cards, the process itself is rather easy. Just follow the steps below and you will have cash in your pocket in no time.
STEP 1: Tell us what card you’re looking to sell. If your store is not listed, just contact us and we will tell you if we’re able to purchase your card, chances are we can.

STEP 2: Tell us the value of the card and we will issue you a guaranteed quote.

STEP 3: Now you decide whether you want to accept or decline the offer. If you decline, we hope you will rethink your decision or visit us again in the future! If you accept, move on to the next step…

STEP 4: Now that you’ve accepted your offer, you can either e-mail us or ship us the code. You should have a mailing address waiting in your e-mail if that’s the route you wish to take. Please note that the quickest method is by e-mailing us the code electronically, though it’s not always viable. If you decide to ship the code, you should also have a prepaid USPS label waiting for you.

STEP 5: Wait for our confirmation and then just collect! You will get your payment 0-2 business days after we receive your code, either via check or PayPal, depending on what process you selected.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: Why sell a gift card?

A: First and foremost, even if it’s to a store you like, why wouldn’t you rather have cash in your pocket instead of that plastic card? Maybe you do want that coffee, or maybe you want to spend the money on food, groceries, or entertainment? By selling your gift card to us, we make that happen but simply giving you money.

Second, most gift cards have an expiration date on them. Stores do this that way all remaining balances on gift cards expire, usually at the start of the New Year. That means they save thousands if not millions of dollars on unused gift cards. You may think you’re going to book that hotel this year with your gift card, but why risk letting it expire when you can just sell it and decide later? You’d be surprised just how many people let their cards expire rather than use them.

Q: What type of fees are involved in selling a gift card?

A: The only fee for our service is the difference in your gift card balance and price quotes. It all depends on the amount of the card and the store it is to. Often times, we quote prices up to 95% of the card balance, meaning you’re virtually losing out on nothing. There are no other fees. Our offers are guaranteed. We won’t tell you a price and then decide to change our minds, you get what we originally quote you.

Q: How do I sell my gift card?

A: To put it simply, you first tell us what card you have and how much is the balance. Second, we give you a quote on your card. Third, you send the card to us, and lastly, collect your cash. CHA-CHING!

Q: Do I have to ship it out to you?

A: No you do not! You can send us a picture, or just type to us the code on the gift card (depending on the store). We accept electronic delivery of the gift card, at which point you will also be able to get your cash quicker. However, even if you have a code, you ALWAYS have the option of shipping the card to us to be safe. If you decide to do that, we will provide a free USPS shipping label that way you can send the card to us. Please be advised that due to shipping, this method will naturally take longer than electronic delivery.

Q: How will I get paid?

A: You can either request a check to get sent to your mailing address or we can send you a payment directly to your PayPal account, whichever you prefer.

Q: How long does it take to get paid?

A: It only takes 0-2 business days after we receive your gift card to have your payment issued to you. If your choice is PayPal, you will have your payment at that time available in your account. Otherwise, if we’re mailing a check to you, you should receive it a few business days after we receive your gift card. You will be notified via e-mail once we receive your card and when your payment has been issued.

Q: Can I sell bulk cards/high dollar amounts?

A: Yes, of course! Due to the high amounts and potential for fraud, just give us a call and we will gladly purchase bulk gift cards or amounts higher than $500 USD.

Q: I have more questions! Who do I contact?

A: Just give one of our friendly support staff members a shout! You can either reach them through our toll-free phone number or via e-mail.