Welcome to
the good mood

With us your useless card becomes an
opportunity to get something right.

f you’re looking to sell your gift cards for cash
top cash, you’ve come to the right place. We buy
just about every gift card you could possibly have,
putting cold hard cash in your pocket.


Unlike other companies that
give you pennies on the
dollar, normally 50% of what
it’s worth, you get the MOST
.money with us, up to 95% of
its original value!

unlimited amount

 In addition, we don’t have a $20 or
$50 minimum balance. Our goal is
simple: make the process as hassle
free and as quick as possible. .

Why we are


Gift cards are a popular gift for birth-
day’s, Christmas, Easter, graduation
and many other events, so it’s likely
you have some plastic gift card to a
store you’ll never use sitting around.
Why not give us a call and put some
extra money in your pocket?

We Take Virtually All Gift Cards

With us you’ll get offers for just about every gift card out there. Just click on “What We Buy” to get a full list of all the cards we purchase. We’ll then proceed to give you an offer and send you CASH — either by check or through PayPal — for the previously agreed upon amount. Selling a card only takes seconds to begin, meaning the whole process can be finished today!We’re local, available by phone, and have the best customer
support around.

What We Buy

We provide two options of sale


However, if you would rather send it through
the postal service, we will provide a FREE
USPS Postage Label for you to ship your gift
card/code to us. We make both ways easy
and hassle-free, which is why our customers
love us!

fast way

If you’d rather not place it in the mailbox and
have the process take a few days (hence why
it’s called Snail Mail), you can send it to us
electronically. We will verify the balance and
send you a payment within a business day,
whichever way you want your payment!

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